domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

A Better Use for a Cruise Control

If you never tried driving a car with cruise control, you don’t know what you're missing. It is so comfortable and easy that probably you will get addicted to it at the first time. You simply activate it triggering a command, and then select the desired speed, and it’s done. After that, you just need to take care of the wheel and enjoy the view in front of you, with no worries about the speed. Whether uphill or downhill, the cruise control search for the previous selected speed. Nevertheless, at some point you have to take the control of your car, especially if you find some obstacle on your way.
Watch Out! Right Here, we can find some important lesson: this system is very suitable for long distance trips, but not for streets and roads with many obstacles, not even for sections where you need to vary the speed constantly. For these situations, you need to use the manual control in order to choose the appropriate speed, so you can accelerate when it’s needed; brake at the right time, paying attention on the variations of the route.
When we apply this knowledge to our spiritual life, we can say that it works in the same way. The cruise control can make us unaware of the obstacles; it can allow us to stay comfortable behind the wheels, as consequence, we can lose the timing for our decisions. The constant speed, whether it is slow or high, can make us postpone our intimacy with God. It can also make some of us spend our lives far away from God, apart from Him.
For a safe trip, get close to Jesus and use the Bible as your GPS. Let God help you to choose the best speed for every moment of your way. Learn how to speed up or slow down precisely, and finally trust God to control of your life. Use the cruise control only for long-term projects and for short-term ones, use the manual control.
Look out for the obstacles and don’t take the small decisions for granted because they also determine your destination.
Learn how to drive with God, this can make your through life smoother and guarantee you an eternal one in the end of your journey.

God bless you.

English version by Clarice Moraes Harding
Original by Pr Helio Morais 

See Portuguese version:

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