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My Father is the pilot!

Loyde John Ogilvie is an American pastor who met an interesting boy on trip. When she saw him, he was sitting, very quietly and calm, in the waiting room of the airport. She realized that the boy didn’t show anxiety during the boarding time, actually the opposite, he positioned himself in front of the line, to find his seat before the adults; he knew exactly what to do. She was so intrigued about his attitude. 
Soon after, on the plane, she set beside him, they talked a little bit. Then he decided entertaining himself coloring a book. 
 After some time, she got worry about him because the plan was going to a very turbulent storm. Consequently, she decided to check on the boy, if he was ok. She asked the boy if he was afraid. He looked up quickly while coloring his book and said: 
- No, ma’am, I am not afraid – then smiling, he completed – My Father is the pilot. 
There are situations in our lives that remind us of an airplane through a storm. We try very hard but even on the land we can’t feel safe. We feel that we are hanging in the air, with nothing to sustain us, someone we can rely on or even strength to cry for help. Although you feel insecure and in danger, keep it in mind: 


Text from the book "Silent Strength for My Life" (Loyde John Ogilvie)

See Portuguese Version

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