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The Giant who did not become part of the history

Today, while ministering at church’s prayer meeting, we had a brief reflection on some important aspects of King David’s story. 
As most of you know, David fought against Goliath, a man who was considered superior in size and skills than David, for this reason David was discouraged to enter in the fight by some people around him; for them the fight seemed to be so unequal and dangerous. But David did not stop himself because of the negative talking or other person’s fear. His decision was personal and his reasons just concerned to God and himself.
Actually, nobody would bet anything on that skinny boy in front of a warrior so well prepared. Nevertheless, nowadays we understand, that this fight has completely changed the course of his life as well the history of the entire nation. He became the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel, and as we know, God fulfilled the promise and the blessing in his life when he told the Messiah would be from his offspring. That was the battle that established David as an example of a warrior who does not run away even in the worst circumstances.
Although, as you can check on II Samuel 21, David was almost defeated by another giant, his name was Ishbi-benobi … Who? You do not know? I am not surprised if you never heard about him. 
As we can read on II Samuel 21 - 15, the circumstances were different, David did not make a personal decision to fight against this other giant. He was tired from previous battles contra the Philistines and he was taken off guard but thanks to his fellows who helped him, this other giant could not killed him. 

Sometimes it can happen to us, our enemy is around us, watching us, to find the right moment to take advantage of our vulnerability and faults. There are moments, we are hopeless and helpless and, in these moments, any trap can put us in big trouble. In these moments, we can count on fellow believers who can help us to defeat the enemies that sometimes we cannot even see yet. Thankfully we have friends like that. Certainly, thanks to David’s friends people barely remember him.
In fact, Ishbi-benobi did not become part of his history because God always has a way out for the ones who love and trust Him. 

God bless you,

Pastor Helio Morais

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  1. God Bless your mminitry! Wise words, Great post!!! To God be the Glory!!!


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