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Is your agenda compatible with God’s plan?

One of the most serious problems that people face nowadays is the lack of time. This problem is exacerbated because we have too much commitments, too many hours of work, too many hours in traffic jams, family problems etc. At the end of the day, as a result, we are tired and cannot find any time to take care of our spiritual life, going to church, or even praying. 
Nevertheless, we can learn from the Bible. In the book of Nehemiah, right there, I found a good example of someone who knew how to organize his priorities. 
By the time the book was written (430 BC), “Judah was one of several provinces within the larger satrapy (a large administrative unit) within the Persian Empire. Nehemiah was a cup-bearer to king Artaxerxes II - an important official position.” (Wikipedia). 
Despite Nehemiah was a very busy man, he was extremely upset when he found out that the walls of the Jerusalem was still in ruins. The Jerusalem’s wall was destroyed by the Babylonians (586 BC). By his own initiative, he proposed in his heart, rebuild the walls of the city. But, how to do it? He had no time and he could not leave his job. 
Nevertheless, he prayed to God and told Him of his concerns. Meanwhile, Nehemiah had the opportunity to tell the king all his concerns and plans, so he got an authorization to leave for a few days. 
All I can think about when I read Nehemiah story is my time in school (good times!) . The teacher taught me how to solve an equation; she used to say: find a balance in its components and consider the environment interference in it. 
However we cannot solve our life with a simple equation, we still have to consider all the external interferences that can disturb our precious time with God, in our daily life.
I understood, through the life of Nehemiah, that he became part of history as one of the greatest Old Testament heroes because he knew his priority and it was according to God’s heart. 
If you want to be blessed, if you want to live a life of happiness and joy; it’s simple. Try to find a balance. Make your schedule compatible with God’s plan for your life, by asking yourself constantly: Is this what God wants for me? 
I challenge you to do the same as he did. Set your priorities; take time to meditate in God’s will for your life. Find a balance between your activities and the precious moments of communion with God, and do not forget to make some time for your family, your beloved friends, and your brothers and sisters in Christ. 
In a few days you will notice the difference, for the better. Do not wait a lifetime to find out you had the wrong priorities. 

God bless you, 

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