segunda-feira, 27 de agosto de 2012

God is always watching

Sometimes we catch ourselves wondering about things that happen in our life. In such difficult moments does not matter if we are surrounded by a crowd, we are always feeling alone. Sometimes we wonder if God is really involved in our life and how much He cares about what is happening to us.
 When we raise questions like these, probably, is because of a bad old habit of looking for God only in times we need something.  Normally, what happen is that we are very busy in our own lives, our own dramas; full of ourselves, these attitudes keep us away from God in a systematic way. We create barriers and put God away without realizing it. Our sins and selfishness keep God away from us and for sure this is our biggest lost. 
Nevertheless, when   we feel alone, helpless, and sad; then, we try to find God around us. But where is He? Unfortunately, only in a moment of crisis we realize that we left Him behind very time long ago. If you are feeling this way, I have good news for you: God is always watching you. He never gave up on you. God is watching and waiting for some attitude from your part.
How about take a different attitude from now on? How about taking some time aside to invest in your relationship with God? So, approach Him, allow Him to assume a greater role in your life.  God is always ready to do new things in our lives. God is wide-eyed and attentive to every move we make and our decisions.  Learn how to rely on His help. I'm sure your life can go in another direction.

God bless you.

English Version by Clarice Moraes Harding

See Portuguese Version

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