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Barriers against God’s Blessings

The title of this message sounds weird, but a lot of Christians are putting obstacles against God’s blessings, on a daily basis, but what they do not realize is the big negative impact in their lives. 
As you can check on Mathew 14:22-33: Jesus, after had given a speech to a very large crowd, commanded his disciples to cross to the other side of the river, because he wanted to have some time for his meditation and prayers. 
When it was around 03:00 a.m., the disciples were surprised by a big storm, they got scared despite they were very experienced fishermen; more stranger than it seemed to be an strong uncommon storm they were caught short by the appearance of what seemed to be a ghost walking on the water’s surface. 
There is a Brazilian saying: nothing is too bad that cannot be worsened. Nothing seemed to be scarier that a 03 men in a small boat, in the middle of a big storm; additionally they got a ghost in front of them. 
Nevertheless, we can learn 03 important lessons in this biblical text: 

1) Do not count with your own resources 
The disciples were in a small boat, vulnerable to the winds and storms. Think in another way; how about if they were a huge transatlantic equipped with meteorological radars and other things? Surely the storm would not be a big concern. 
Sometimes we do this, we wonder how our life would be if we have all the resources we need for everything we want to accomplish; that is not God’s way. He wants to bless you with what you have. He wants to bless you the way you are, with all your limitations and failures. God sometimes use adverse situations in order to lead us to a deeper understanding of His desire, but instead of take the opportunity to grow, we create barriers to God’s action in our lives. 
2) Do not forget Jesus is watching you 

Jesus asked them to cross; in such stressful and dangerous situation, do you think He would be responsible for whatever results that came from his order? 
If you obeyed God’s command and you found yourself in an unpleasant situation, hang on. Do not think that God would leave you alone in such difficult time. Do not mistake yourself because the solution of the problem can be something coming out from this complicated situation. 
3) Do not look at the circumstances 

Just to be sure you are on the safe side; Peter suggested that if Jesus was really the one walking on the water, so he could do the same. Next scene we can visualize is: Peter walking very confident on the surface of the water. Nevertheless, shortly after the first steps Peter stopped looking at Jesus, and started watching out for the winds, so he began to sink, but Jesus took him by His hands and put him back on his feet. 
Even so, if you are like Peter looking at the bad circumstances; you are just going to see the bad circumstances; who looks at the problems, only see the problems; who look at Jesus can see solutions. 

God bless you. 

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