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After the Storm Comes the Rainbow.

I still remember when I was a kid, that many times I was leaning out the window of my room just to watch the falling rain. I thought sometimes that the world was going to end in that very moment. Scary sounds of thunder; lightning crossing the sky from one end to another; heavy clouds that turn the day in night. However, I also remember my happiness, because just after that endless downpour, there was the sun shining against the horizon. I still remember the smell of wet soil. I still remember taking baths in the rain
The time has passed by and I had new experiences regarding the rain; for example, sometimes I travel by plane in bad weather day. Usually, in the airport area when the weather is bad; rain, clouds, lightning. Even so just few minutes after the plane takeoff, there it is: a beautiful sun shining above the clouds. We know, despite any circumstances, somewhere over the clouds the sun is shining.
When we transfer this experience to our spiritual life, the concept is the same. We can say for certain that after the storm comes the rainbow. In fact, the Bible teaches us in Psalm 30:5 that "Weeping may last through the night but joy comes with the morning.” 
Nevertheless, instead of storm, you feel you are in the middle of the ocean, with all the problems overwhelming you, like ocean waves; Jesus can take care of you, take you by His hand and bring you to the surface again and perhaps , like Peter, makes you walk above the water.
Moreover, if your case is the opposite, you found yourself in a desert; just know that the biggest projects and revelations of God took place in the desert. The desert is actually His school; great experiences, of the greatest men of God of the Bible and Jesus Himself, took place in the desert. The desert is the place where God leads us to test our faith and make us grow and mature spiritually.
And now, what is your situation: storm, seas, or desert? 
If you are living a storm time: do not be discouraged, keep your position, do not leave the place where God put you. After a storm comes a rainbow. 
If you are going through situations that have made your life a very hostile environment, that does not allow you to see the sunshine, remember: you can fly above the clouds where there will always be a beautiful sun shining waiting for you. Try to have intimate prayer moments with God. I'm sure God will hear your voice. 
Maybe even if you are surrounded by strong storms at sea: do not forget, trust in God because you will not die in the midst of these storms. God brings you, occasionally, to the surface to breathe. Keep in mind: You can walk on the water. 
On the other hand, if you're living your life in a desert, join the club; you're God’s school. Take the opportunity to learn the lessons that this experience can provide to you. I can tell by my own experience. 
Whatever the situation, God is always by our side to ensure that everything will be fine.

God bless you,

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